Posted by: Tobias | July 25, 2008

The Torture Playlist

Ever wondered what music is being used by American soldiers in the no-touch torture routines in Guantanamo, Iraq and other places? The Torture Playlist has the answer: Music that’s pro-American (e.g. Don McLean’s American Pie), some that is overtly sexual and highly offensive to any God-serving Muslim (Christina Aguilera and the like) and some – like the Barney theme song – that is just plain annoying. God knows it’s music that you could torture me with, and I’m a toothfairy agnostic with something of an afinity to the US.

What I found most interesting was the reaction of the bands when they were told that their music was being (mis-)used for such purposes. Rage against the machine promptly sent a letter to the State Department asking them to cease and desist using their songs while Metallica actually seemed honored and happy to be able to do their part in the fight against global terrorism.


  1. I am surprised there are no songs or bands from the Netherlands on the list. I have encountered some songs from local heroes that would make me do anything and sell out anyone if I had to listen to that again.
    By the way I am wondering what kind of reaction Rage against the machine got from the State Department: ‘sorry won’t use it anymore’ or ‘blame yourself and change your music’. This offers an interesting possibility for the government to influence what music is written 😉

  2. I am wondering why they are using RATM in the first place. At least, their lyrics don’t quite seem to fit the attribute “pro-American”. Personally, I would neither consider them to be “plain annoying” 😉

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