Posted by: sepalot | July 26, 2008

Mr. W

Great ad:



  1. Why the French accent? If this were a slow-moving neutron speaking that accent would make a lot more sense…

  2. Good question. I wasn’t quite able yet to figure that out myself either. I must admit however that the accent somehow does well to emphasize the person’s leaning towards arrogance and self-pity. =)

    You mean a slow-moving neutron should have a Swiss (French) accent? Not bad. I would alternatively propose an Austrian accent.

  3. Funny, took this monkey a little while to get it but yeah… I didn’t study marketing or whatsoever.

  4. I also had to watch it twice…

  5. The Swiss idea also isn’t bad, but I meant it differently. Slow-moving neutrons (rather than their faster cousins) are what splits atoms. What with 70% of French energy being nuclear and all.

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