Posted by: Tobias | July 26, 2008

Sound Providers

I know none of you guys is a great hip hop afficionado, but perhaps if I ease you into it in the right way you might actually develop a taste for it. So let’s give it a shot!

I recently discovered The Sound Providers and now like so much that I’m surprised I didn’t run accross them earlier. Their music is probably best described as old school hip hop (or old-skool as the kids say these days), using mostly samples from Jazz, Funk and Reggae tracks. That means it’s very melodic (even the raps are), totally non-agressive, non-chauvinistic and mostly without all the stupid posing that annoys me (yes, me too) with so much other hip hop. Plus some songs even sport some pretty decent lyrics. When I first heard them, they reminded me of Jurassic 5 of Concrete Schoolyard fame a lot, but they’re a bit jazzier than that still. So check them out and tell me what you think. Honestly as always.



  1. nope, not for me. I like the music but the “singing” is annoying. Sorry

  2. Like it but isn´t really my thing (yet). Just keep on coming with it and one of these days I buy more seriously into it. By the way the song where they actually rap in it is the one I like the most. Sorry that this exactly contradicting you Basti but yeah… it is all about the difference isn’t it?

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