Posted by: Mathieu | July 27, 2008

Lecture on State of Psychology

Linda and I had a look this morning at the Ted Talks site and enjoyed both watching again the lecture by Jacobs on a year of living biblically. When surfing around on the site we came across the lecture by Martin Seligman which initially attracted Linda most. However the opening of the lecture attracted my attention as well. The rest of the lecture is interesting too and explains an interesting distinction between ‘a pleasant life’, ‘a good life’ and a ‘meaningful life’. Funny to know that you can have a good life even without being capable to have a relationship / experience love! You need a hobby (in this case bridge of all possibilities) and a job (maybe even more disappointing: options trader) and experiencing a ‘flow’ when being involved with either of those and there you are. Isn’t life easy?!


  1. Man, it’s been a long time since I experienced ‘flow’, but when I do, there are very few things that can compare to it.

    As far as psychology lectures on TED go, check out the one by Dan Gilbert which I like even more, not least because he’s a terriffic speaker. His book, “Stumbling on Happiness” is also highly recommended.

  2. On behalf of Linda: it is indeed a very very interesting talk. Not only is he a good speaker but the way he keeps it simple, uses examples and the manner he explains things makes it really cool.

    While the basic notion was familiar to us the extend and the situations as depicted by the examples, were very revealing. It shows how much influence it has on life.

    We start wondering whether we are really happy with each other or that …….

    Somehow I will find some boundary to the expectations of the spareribs feast so that I will be truly happy when those pieces of meat hit my taste buds. Any suggestions?

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