Posted by: Mathieu | July 31, 2008

Brew your own gas

I was familiar with the possibility to brew wine and other spirits yourself but now is seems that it is possible to brew at home the ‘gas’ needed for your car. In an article by the Economist called ‘Brew your own’ , it is explained that ‘the gas will be brewed at home by car owners using water, electricity and ITM’s proprietary technology. This not only allow you to drive a hydrogen-powered car but also at much lower cost than thus far the case (the new material costs a hundredth of the membranes currently used). Seems to me like a promising development.



  1. Not that I know all that much about fuel cells, but they seem to have fallen far short of what people in the industry were promising not even 2-3 years ago. This is certainly a welcome development (and a neat piece of technology), but I’m not so sure the fuel cell is going to be *it* in the near future.

  2. More good news for the hydrogen economy here

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