Posted by: Tobias | August 6, 2008

LH to the Cizzo!

Much has been written in recent months about the Large Hadron Collider, CERN’s newest particle accelerator and the biggest scientific experimental apparatus ever created by man. It’s hard to get a sense of just how large this machine is, but maybe these awesome images, courtesy of the Boston Globe’s Big Picture photo blog, may give you an idea. The machine is to be switched on very, very soon now (probably at the end of this week) and you can follow the last preparations before the first protons are sped up to near the speed of light at

Perhaps of more interest, however, is that the crack physicists at CERN have put together a Large Hadron Rap – Stephen Hawking style – which I think compares rather favorably to Economists’ feeble attempts at humor. But see for yourself:


Update: Sean Carroll, physicist at CalTech and blogger extraordinaire provides a list of things which will likely (or less likely) be found at the LHC


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