Posted by: Mathieu | August 7, 2008

Even viruses can get sick!

As it turns out: even viruses can go down with a viral infection, the ‘virus gets a taste of its own medicine’. Watch it Basti, ‘A new strain of giant virus was isolated from a cooling tower in Paris’, as it turns out this giant one was infected by a smaller virus: hence a discovery that made it into an issue of Nature. Maybe a good idea to start or keep drinking bottled water.



  1. Meh, I’m not worried about the water. It’s been working rather well for us as a species for quite some time and what our stone-age forefathers drank didn’t go through several rounds of treatment before it reached us.

    I just find it cute that they named the bigger of the viruses, the one that gets infected, mamavirus

  2. I am not worried about the water quality either. After having lived in Belgium for 2 years, you learn to appreciate even the French water quality. 😉

    In fact however, I nonetheless switched pretty soon to drinking bottled water. This is however not so much for health reasons, as for the reason that French tab water has a terrible chlorine taste (at least in the area where I live).

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