Posted by: Tobias | August 8, 2008

Private state funeral

The British government is apparently considering giving Margaret Thatcher a state funeral, once she actually kicks the bucket that is. As you can imagine, the idea of awarding the iron lady, renowned for her liberal reforms and the privatization of a great many state enterprises, such an honor does not resonate very well with the entire British populace. A Guardian article quotes a reader:

Thatcher should only be allowed a state funeral if the contract is put out to compulsory competitive tender and awarded to the lowest bidder. Any offers?

To which I say ‘damn straight’! And you better put that tender out Europe-wide. Maybe a Romanian undertaker will be delighted to get the woman six feet under for just a few quid. (via Marginal Revolution)



  1. Guess there are some fine British available to do it for free or are even willing to throw in some bucks to do the honor (or as someone else responded on the mentioned site: the price would go negative).

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