Posted by: Tobias | August 14, 2008

Rise of the gastrosexual

The Daily Mail, that lighthouse of British quality journalism, discovers a new breed of men: the gastrosexual:

Dubbed ‘Gastrosexuals’ this new generation of men consider cooking more a hobby than a household chore and use their kitchen prowess to impress friends and prospective partners.

Methinks, we all know a gastrosexual ourselves.


  1. What a clever article. It offers a number of futher interesting points:

    Men having the ability to cook is also now a key factor in attracting women along with salary, status, personality and appearance, according to new research.

    Watch the order of the remaining key factors:
    1. salary
    2. status
    3. personality
    4. appearance
    I must admit, I am a bit disappointed. Since when does personality rank above appearance?

    ‘We found that cooking for this new generation isn’t simply a matter of refuelling. For them it’s an enjoyable experience and something to be relished – they cook for pleasure, praise and potential seduction.

    That took those English some time to figure out. I guess the seductive potential of fish & chips is fairly limited…

  2. All I will say is this: there is nothing sexier than a man who can cook.

    I am loving the rising population of ‘gastrosexuals’!

  3. I am waiting for the a name for men who not only consider cooking but also consuming the prepared dishes (especially the meaty ones) in large quantities, as a hobby and to impress friends and prospective partners. 😉

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