Posted by: Tobias | September 1, 2008

Knowing in the biblical sense

Ah, the Bible, a never ending source of entertainment to me: I just stumbled on A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible. I have no idea how authoritative the content of these articles is, but for some reason, I find them to be oddly (or perhaps not so oddly) fascinating. Let’s take this one, for example:

Perhaps Genesis makes no mention of Adam and Eve making love in the Garden of Eden because it is taken for granted. James Barr, in The Garden of Eden and the Hope of Immortality, points out that there was no reason, given the acceptance of sexuality as normal in ancient Hebrew culture, for the couple to abstain. In the noncanonical book of Jubilees (3:6), Adam and Eve have sexual relations as soon as God introduces them. It is literally love at first sight. According to rabbinic tradition, Eve is not even Adam’s first wife. His first wife is Lilith, who leaves him because during sexual intercourse Adam won’t let her be on top.


  1. You keep surprising me with the topics and the things you stumble upon on the internet; amazing.

    By the way I thought that divorcing someone because of something small was something from the last couple of decades, needles to say I was wrong.

    And with women like Eve, who need feminists?!

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