Posted by: sepalot | September 1, 2008

The Effect of Prayer on God’s Attitude Toward Mankind

This looks great and I wont to share it with you. I don’t have time to comment on it yet however, since it’s my first day at work.

The Effect of Prayer on God’s Attitude Toward Mankind



  1. man prays when he is in diffculty …..but god is not like that he helps us every time if you pray or not (so god is always kind on the humanbeings)

  2. Ah, the stuff you can get published when you have a Nobel under your belt…

    I wonder, is this a parody of religion or of econometrics? Sentences like “[a]ccept on faith that the conditional density of X given Y is of the form […]” almost makes me think it’s the latter.

  3. I didn’t really get the calculations etc but is the following ‘A little prayer does no good and may make things worse. Much prayer helps a lot.’ the same as many people once praying for the same thing? This would potentially make the Chinese not only dominant on earth but also elsewhere?!

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