Posted by: sepalot | September 30, 2008

Global Electoral College

If the whole world could vote…

My observations:

  1. what’s up with people in Andorra?
  2. low turnout I: Africa urgently needs Internet access!
  3. low turnout II: the Middle East apparently still lacks democratic culture


  1. At least McCain would sweep Macedonia, if that’s any consolation for not being liked anywhere else in the world.

  2. Clearly, we must recognize an upward trend. Until yesterday, Mr McCain could be sure only of gettting the votes of the brave people of Andorra. Now, he won the support of influential Macedonia.

    Democrats all around the world are trembling, asking themselves: what country will be next?
    My personal guess: Guinea-Bissau, which will send a whopping 4 delegates to DC, Kiribati or Suriname (both 3 votes). In any case, it has become clear: this election clearly remains too close to call!

  3. The new coalition of the willing?

  4. Ha! Finally some explanation, for Macedonia and Georgia at least. Andorra is still a mystery though.

  5. yeah, right. Now Cuba has turned Republican…

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