Posted by: Tobias | October 4, 2008

Various music

Here’s some good music-related links I’ve stumbled on recently:

First, an acoustic version of Lykke Li’s “I’m Good. I’m Gone” (via MeFi), a singer that I discovered via my American friend Arsie. Have a look around the site. It has acoustic sessions with several other cool artists as well (Rogue Wave and the Raveonettes to name just two).

Meanwhile Travis is at it again with a cover of this year’s “Baby one more time”, Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”:

(via Stylespion, which is fast becoming my favorite German blog)

I’m also getting more and more impressed with some of the people creating and doing interesting things with music and sharing it via youtube. That goes from people doing straight-forward covers like these two Dutchies covering ‘Always in my head’ from India Arie’s fantastic 2001 ‘Acoustic Soul’ album, to deconstructing and recreating Daft Punk songs to my current favorite, Julia Nunes, who covers songs on ukulele, records the whole thing with her webcam and then overdubbs it with percussions, backing vocals and all sorts of other cool things, like so:

Not only do I know how much work most have gone into editing these videos to get them just right (I was doing the same for two days straight last week), she’s also got loads of musical talent. As much as I usually have to laugh at white people rapping, her take on Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’ is another good example of her overdubbing technique.

She even did a cover of Ben Folds’ ‘Gone’ and after seeing said cover, Ben took her on tour with him and let her open for him at a few gigs. Ben Folds, not only a good musician and all-around cool guy, but also with a heart for the next generation.

She’s now started to record her own compositions, some of which sound quite promising. All the best! (all via Spreeblick)



  1. I like the acoustic version of “I’m Good. I’m Gone” very very much.

    And indeed the effort Julia Nunes has put in the videos must be huge. The quality of the sound is pretty good as well (as far as I can judge with the laptop), must be all done rather professional I’d say.

    Cool stuff

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