Posted by: Tobias | November 13, 2008

Is Pythonesque the word?

Earlier this year, a truly horrific story shocked British newspaper readers and soon readers around the world: Child abuse on a sheer unimaginable scale had taken place at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey. Bones, bone fragments and teeth of several children were found in the home’s cellar, there was talk of shackles and even a bath that had at one point been filled entirely with blood.

As it turns out, however, investigators in the case seem to have been a bit too eager to deliver results. What looked like the stuff of horror-blockbusters has turned out to be… well, nothing really. The bones turned out to be mostly from animals, the shackles were really only rusty pieces of metal and the bath hadn’t been used since 1920. And then there is this little tidbit in the BBC story on the case:

After being examined by experts from the British Museum, a fragment thought to have been from a skull turned out to be a piece of Victorian coconut shell.

Am I the only one who is expecting a knight with a speech impediment to make an appearance next?


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