Posted by: Tobias | January 5, 2009

TED2009 program

The program for the 2009 TED conference has been announced and I’m salivating like mad over it. Any chance one of you guys wants to get me a ticket as a belated Christmas present? I’ll settle for only the Saturday morning sessions, too. Nate Silver of, Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution, political rational choice theorist Bruce Bruno de Mesquita and behavioral economist Dan Ariely as speakers and Jamie Cullum to take care of the musical entertainment, presumably with his new album. How truly awesome it would be to go. Oh well, I guess I’ll make due with the videos.



  1. ould love to give you that present, fitting my usual generosity, however, it is the credit crunch at work again and my preference to treat friends equally. I’ll have to give the others a similar priced present so…. runs just slightly over budget.

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