Posted by: Tobias | January 9, 2009

Yes we carve!

I’m a bit behind on posting things. This went through the blogosphere a few weeks back: It’s an interview with the head of the design team that created the now famous logo for the Obama campagin in which he not only shows the versions, iterations and variations that the actual logo went through, but also some of the alternative designs they were considering but ultimately discarded.

I, for one, think they did an amazing job on the entire visual identity of the campaign. To see why, just try drawing the Obama logo and the slogan with pencil and paper from memory. Now try to do the same for McCain. Chances are you don’t even much remember what the McCain banners looked like, but Obama’s were intensely memorable.


  1. Finaaly made time to visit that page and I agree very interesting to see the development. Nice post.

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