Posted by: Tobias | February 9, 2009

Dear Jehovah’s witnesses,

if you ring the door of a known student house at 9 in the morning on a Monday, either of two things will happen: (a) The occupant will already be out and about, or (b) the occupant will still be asleep, dreaming about the weekend. Either way, no convert for you. If the occupant should answer the door nonetheless and you then start doing your bit about how the miracle of creation with all the marvelous laws of nature proves the existence of a creator, you better be able to argue some philosophy or actual physics instead of waving your hand repeatedly.




  1. Hear ye, Hear ye 😉

  2. But you didn’t manage to convince him of the benefits of atheism?

  3. Is this a question of benefits?

    Either way, when I’ve just been woken up, the first thing on my mind is seldom to increase the number of the godless but simply to go back to bed as fast as possible.

  4. I think many households in predominantly Christian Nations do not openly welcome Jehovah’s Witnesses because their door to door ministry seems designed to mislead the housholder into beleiving the same lies that Satan told in the Garden of Eden.

    If you read the following newsletter you should see the parallels to the Edenic Sin:

    They really are like Satan dressed in a nice suit and tie knocking on your door!

    No wonder so many Nations have banned them!

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