Posted by: sepalot | March 4, 2009

Happy (belated) Square Root Day!

Square Root Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on days when both the day of the month and the month are the square root of the last two digits of the year. For example, the last Square Root Day was March 3, 2009 (3/3/09), and the next Square Root Day will be April 4, 2016 (4/4/16). […]

One suggested way of celebrating the holiday is by eating square radishes, or other root vegetables cut into shapes with square cross sections (thus creating a “square root”).

from Wikipedia via Greg Mankiw.

Very nerdy!


  1. Maybe the Americans could also have abandoned their strange Letter format paper for just one day and gone with A4 (since the ratio of the side lengths in any A format is always 2/sqrt(2)

  2. You are an amazing bunch, although I have the feeling mathematics might offer more holidays.

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